Oasi - Sauris

There are places that speak the language of the soul. Places that do not like to show off, that hide the easy wonder, that open up only for a few moments, to initiate the observer into a beauty reserved for the few. I found in Sauris - a territory among the most beautiful in our mountains - one of these places, so much so that I made it my space of the spirit, my "oasis."

Since 2008 I have dedicated myself to collecting photographic fragments for the construction of a "story in images" that tells the story of the landscape, the passing of the seasons, the colors, the silence of Sauris. In 2012 this collection became a book of photographs (OASI - Sauris, island of the Friulian Dolomites, edited by L’Orto della Cultura), a celebration of a silent show close to the heart. Complemented by text and lyrics by Marina Mio, it is a tribute to the beauty of an area redeeming itself from isolation and opening its doors wide to the world.