Attracted by art and beauty, I passionately devoted myself to photography by studying, admiring and envying the Italian and American Masters. I started photography by developing the negative and printing in my darkroom: a beginning that immediately marked my personal way of conceiving photography. I later experimented (and continue to use) digital, infrared, medium and traditional large format.

In 2012 I published "OASI - Sauris, island of the Friulian dolomites" (Publisher L'Orto della Cultura), a photographic book dedicated to the landscape of the mountain territory of Sauris (Udine), which I promoted throughout the Friuli Venezia-Giulia region through presentation events, themed evenings, photographic exhibitions (including "Intimissimo Spettacolo," Majano 2014, and "L'Ultima Oasi," Codroipo 2014-15) and multivision films.

Later, my photographic investigation turned to the New Landscape, to the "new photographic topography" of places, to the contemporary landscape modified by man, which I presented to the public through several exhibitions, held at the Rive d'Arcano Fortress ("Italian Far East," 2014), at the Tina Modotti Gallery in Udine ("Nuovi Luoghi Comuni," 2015) and at the Bottega D'Arte Poli ("Icons," Udine, 2018).

After traveling the Italian "far east" and the Mediterranean, I finally reached the American "far west," on the trail of the Elsewhere, of light, and in constant search of the Great Beauty.



Events and Presentations